See What it's Like to Fly First Class!


If you’re flying over North Dakota, we are your stop for all your aviation needs, fuel, maintenance, food & beverages, and first class amenities.

Aircraft Refueling

Quick turn fuel is our specialty. Avfuel branded 100 LL & Jet A available.

Available 24/7

100 LL self-service, pilots lounge, and all services and amenities are available 24/7.


Crew car, catering, vehicle unlocks, auto detailing, on-site fitness center, food court, rental cars, laundry service, showers, overnight sleep rooms & VIP services available.

Ground Services

GPU and secure hangar space available, along with forklift and ground cargo services. Engine preheat & block heater plug-ins. Type 2 & Type 4 Deicing.


On-field mechanic provided by High Plains Aviation.

Flight Instruction

Private pilot, instrument, commercial pilot, basic flight reviews. First Class Aviation is a Member of the FSANA.

David Clark Headset Authorized Dealer

David Clark Headset Authorized Dealer

Part 107 Commercial UAS Operations

We Can Service Any Aircraft

Flight Instruction and Aircraft Rentals Available

Learn to fly with certified flight instructors from 1st Class Aviation. Private pilot, instrument, commercial pilot, basic flight reviews, and more.

Contact us for details regarding your individual training needs or aircraft rentals.

Outdoor Open-Air Pilot's Lounge

Relax outside on our outdoor patio while your plane is being serviced.

On-site Fitness Center

Brand new 2000 sq.ft. fitness center available.
No Fees

No Extra Fees

No ramp, landing, or tie-down fees when you use 1st Class.

Airport Runway

Airport Information

6,500 ft. Main Runway 13-31
5,750 ft. Crosswind 4-22
ASOS 118.425
CTAF 123.0

Flying Over North Dakota?

Stop in and see what it feels like to fly First Class!

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Fuel truck
Available for Pilots

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Located at Jamestown Regional Airport